AIRMATE Mobile is the first smartphone holder that given its unique functionality can be placed directly onto the lock of the flight seat table in front of you. The holder is designed for flexible use on all flat surfaces – at home or away and can be adjusted in several different angles.


Smartphone holder designed
for use on airplanes.

A unique smartphone holder designed for the air traveller, which can also be used on all flat surface wherever you need it. Click AIRMATE Mobile straight onto the table tray lock in front of you or place it on the table and enjoy your entertainment.

AIRMATE Mobile is designed in a stylish and compact design. It is small and can easily be carried in your pocket or travel bag. Suitable for all smartphones in horizontal mode.


Fits All smartphone sizes and can be customized

Designed to be used on tray table locks onboard airplanes

Designed for flexible use on any flat surface – at home or away

Produced in ECO-friendly materials in Denmark


90 %

Of all smartphone users on
airplanes hold their
smartphone in their hands
because they have had
nowhere else to place it

50 %

of airplane travellers who
use their smartphone would
buy a holder if available

25 %

of air travellers are using
their smartphones every time
they are flying